unmaintained is a web magazine with daily coverage of everything new online, offline and modified.

Editor-in-chief: Phil Tucker

A Toronto based software developer, writer, musician, motorcyclist and hardware hacker, Phil Tucker is constantly putting technology to work in new and ingenious ways. He’s also contributed content to and been featured on blogs such as Engadget, Gizmodo, Hack-a-Day, MAKE, and the award winning Canadian tech blog, Sync.

If Phil’s not programming, playing music, modifying a new gadget or sailing the Great Lakes then there’s really no telling what he’s up to. You can follow Phil on Twitter @unmaintained.

Contributing writer: Mykel Riley

A crafty boy from Nova Scotia, Mykel has a Biology degree, 3d Animation degree and works as animator in Toronto’s thriving TV and Film Industry. An accomplished musician, Mykel has created and released music under several pseudonyms.

Mykel is also a part time jewelry maker whose wares are proudly available, among other places, in Toronto’s Kensington Market. You can follow Mykel on Twitter @mykelone.

Contributing writer: Mat Krepicz

Mat Krepicz is a spatial data analyst, project manager, news junkie and techno-futurist living on the sunny tropical beaches of Toronto, Canada, where he occasionally ventures into reality to see what it’s doing.