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New band lineup baby announcement

My wife Ester and I are expecting and since we’re both musicians we grabbed our guitars and did a fun photoshoot to announce our good news. Inspired by this creative announcement we came across.

A Maker Wedding

Initially I wasn’t sure how much our wedding was truly going to represent my fiancée and I, after all, we wanted our family and friends to enjoy themselves and feel included — as with any large event there are a lot of expectations to manage. After deciding to craft my own Edison-style light fixtures for our reception I realized that the occasion was, in addition to a celebration of our life-long commitment to each other, an opportunity for us to showcase our creativity and perhaps introduce some of our family and friends to aspects of ourselves they may not have known existed.

In retrospect we probably took on too much, but it allowed us to feel the occasion was a true reflection of ourselves — for me this meant soldering, stripping, crimping, twisting, programming and no small amount of brow furrowing. None of these projects could’ve come together without the help of my wonderful wife Ester, who not only said yes, but also collaborated throughout and trusted me to deliver on some very important aspects of our big day. In addition, a big thanks to my dear old Dad who took time to help me with the lengthy task of wiring the Edison fixtures and to the friends and family who helped us setup and teardown these, and other installations.

Animated Arduino LED matrix lounge table top

Vinyl “flexi” record wedding invitations

XBee remote relay as photobooth RF camera trigger

Bachelor party wireless Arduino accelerometer Stab-O-Meter

JQuery Animated Wedding Website

Various puppet arms available at Obscura Antiques & Oddities, New York

Video: Mind-bending sound and water experiment

water moving upwards
Watch as this water seemingly freezes and then moves in reverse. A pretty swag optical illusion caused by the water passing in front of a speaker playing a 24hz (and then 23hz) sine wave and the video being recorded at a synced rate of 24fps.

Video: Amazing time-lapse of the Milky Way will blow your mind

temporal distortion dakota milky way timelapse

This time-lapse video by Randy Halverson features an original score by Bear McCreary (Battlestar Galactica, The Walking Dead, Eureka, etc) and is simply breathtaking.


[via Geek]

Turn your iPhone into a vintage rangefinder camera

Turn your iPhone into a vintage rangefinder camera with the snazzy iCA case from Gizmon. No apps required, no funny business, just point and click the shutter release to take a shot. Not a bad way to disguise your iPhone, unless you’re trying to hide it from hipsters in which case it would totally backfire, totally. The iCA is priced somewhat reasonably at $65 — now that I think about it, that doesn’t sound reasonable at all, $65 and you have to provide the camera? I hope that’s real leather(ette). Currently only marketed in Japan, but you can order direct or through a number of U.S. importers.

[Gizmon via Retro To Go]