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Ardunio Wine-O-Meter

The MQ-3 Gas/Alcohol sensor is not accurate enough to use for any serious breathalyzer applications, it also needs to be properly calibrated which is a process I did not undertake. The 25 Shiftbrites are powered by a 4.5volt 500mA adapter, I’ll have to check what I powered the MQ-3 with – but I recall it was the adapter from an old ZIP drive. The LCD and speaker I used are optional for this setup, certainly not required for the test-your-strength breathalyzer. Have fun and drink responsibly. *This device is no where near accurate enough to measure blood/alcohol levels.

When using a separate power supply for the Shiftbrites be sure to bridge the ground lead with the Arduino ground – I’ve forgotten this on two projects now and wasted a bunch of time chasing my tail.

Arduino Sketch, complete with bugs.

YouTube Demo